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Best Children's Animal Book

Best Illustrated Children's Ebook

Best Illustrated Children's Ebook

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Terrifying, funny, thrilling! This new, beautifully illustrated children's shark book is available in paperback and digital versions. The Kindle version includes links to exclusive interactive content.
Perfect for early and elementary readers.
This book may be adorable for young kids but is also enjoyable for the whole family.
Also fun or to be read aloud, this fun children's shark picture book has become one of the most popular shark ebooks ever.

Enjoy, and remember, it's just a story.

"My 3 year old son loves this book, 'what a shark.... in the park' It has great rhythm, artwork and story. I also like reading it, which is good as I have read it many, many times."

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The Shark in the Park

Bull Terrier Gift

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

The Shark in the Park by Mark Watson is a cute little story which will tickle the creative and imaginative minds of all small kids. Michael is walking to school one day when he sees something swimming beneath the trees. It looks like a shark; blue above, white beneath, and with a huge fin. Michael cannot believe his eyes. He runs as the shark chases him. The shark eats his homework and Michael misses his school bus. Michael decides to catch the shark and he goes with his dad's helmet and fishing pole to the park.
Will Michael be able to catch the shark?

The story is adorable and the way Michael tries to catch the big shark every day is exciting to read. The book has a very good message of how to confront one's own fears and overcome them in the best possible way. The ending is really cute and unusual and the illustrations complement the story, the scenes and the characters very well. The illustrations also help in giving pace and movement to the story. The rhyme scheme makes it even better and more enjoyable for kids while reading out loud. The story line is great and the thought of seeing a shark in a park is very imaginative and original. The book makes a good bedtime storybook and both grandparents and parents can read it out to their grandkids and kids. The book also makes a good story for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries.

The Perfect Little Book of Excitement, Suspense, and Fright!

Lisa's Book Reviews

This book is written in rhyme and is an outstanding piece of literature. The illustrations are dynamic, exciting, and depict the story in an exciting and frightful way. The reader experiences much in this book, beginning with suspense, adding wonder, encountering fright, coupled with energy, then moves into surprise, all transferring to the reader something delightful and rewarding in what’s declared to be a great read. The way the story is written it draws the reader in, and keeps them turning the pages to find out what happens next, and then next, all the way until reaching the end. The reader is satisfied and happy with the ending, but will certainly want and expect more from this author! It’s one of the most thrilling books to read where the reader does not just read words, it places them into the situation where they truly encounter the story visually, mental, and almost physically. Great work of art!

Very Original and Funny in the End - Not Terribly Scary!


You would think that a story about a shark would be a very scary read. While the book does have some suspense and adventure it is perfectly fine for kids. In fact it might teach children to face their fears. Basically the story is about a boy named Michael who sees a shark in the park. The shark chases him and eats his homework. You can imagine the story he told his teacher that day after he barely makes it to the bus. I don't want to tell you the ending of the story because it is so cute and funny. It is better if it is a surprise. This is one of the cutest kid's books I've ever read.
Highly Recommended.


A Shark in the Park -- a wonderful book for young children with an important lesson about fighting your fears

By Matthew G. Sherwin HALL OF FAME

Mark Watson’s new book entitled “The Shark in the Park” is terrific! I like how Mark Watson uses rhyme to tell this story; this is one of my very favorite methods of writing for young children. Grownups can happily bond with small kids as they read this book together and that’s grand. The vocabularies of young kids will also be enhanced as they turn the pages and read the story. I should add that the illustrations by Pablo Michau are absolutely excellent; they enhance the book quite a bit!

The story begins with young Michael walking to school one morning; he seems to be a little bit nervous to begin with; “(at) the boundary of the park he waits. (Nervously) he hesitates.” Michael also seems a little bit scared of the way the tree branches interfere with the sun’s rays shining down on him—and then Michael becomes very afraid when he spies “a shark in the park!”
Michael knows the shark has sharp teeth and can be dangerous; he is terrified the shark will eat him! In order to stay alive Michael jumps onto a roundabout in a play area within the park but shark leaps up from under the roundabout and Michael’s schoolbag “is ripped to shreds by mighty jaws”—his homework has been eaten by the mighty shark! I can only imagine what it must have been like for Michael to tell his teacher in school that his homework was eaten by a shark in a park!

Of course there’s more to the story than just this. Michael tries very hard to fight the fearsome shark each day “with a different technique.” Michael even wants to fight the shark at night when he’s supposed to be in bed! Will this work out for Michael—can he catch the shark and/or be rid of it somehow? I won’t give out spoilers but I will add that kids also learn that it’s important to confront your fears just as Michael continues to fight the shark.

I highly recommend this fine children’s book that is certain to entertain young kids while sending them a positive message about the importance of confronting one’s fears. I only wish I had such wonderful books when I was a kid! Please, Mark and Pablo, give us more of your superlative books for young children!


`Blue above, white beneath, the blackest eyes, the sharpest teeth.'



Author Mark Watson was born in England, and illustrator Pablo Michau in South Africa, both now live in Mataro, Spain where Mark teaches English and Pablo works as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer. After their first collaboration the two men have committed to working exclusively on children's book. We, the readers, are the winners. Their shared sense of creativity and sensitivity as well as a natural sense of what will entertain a child and provide some important character building blocks is not only evident here- it shines!

The story shares the morning walk of Michael on his way to school, stopping by the park on his way where he notes something terrifying: `There's a shark in the park! How can this be? These terrible beasts live in the sea.' The shark's visible fin breaks through the turf's surface. Michael jumps n a roundabout to escape the advancing shark, but the shark undermines him and surfaces, tossing Michael and his schoolbag in the air and chomping Michael's homework materials in this vicious teeth. Michael runs after the departing school bus and the shark sinks out of sight. Daily Michael battles the shark in the park until one night, armed with his dad's helmet and fishing pole he casts for the shark, and reels him out of the ground and into his gold fish bowl. `Now here he is the fearsome beast, fat, content and tame. Bobbing around on the mantelpiece between some books and a picture frame.' Michael has overcome fear, put his ingenuity and courage to the test, and comes out the winner!

This is pure delight on every level - the rhyming verse is sophisticated in style yet accessible to children, the story is fun to read, and the illustrations more than enhance the story - they complete it. Mark and Pablo have a very strong career in store. More please!

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