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About me...

Growing Up

I was born and grew up in a wonderful town in the north of England called Burnley.
Like many people from that area of the country I have Scottish and Irish ancestors and was raised a catholic so it was no surprise that along with my friends, Jon, Rick, John, Mathew, Justin, Simon and Mike we all went to the local catholic primary school – St Augustine of Canterbury where we met some lovely little girls called Karen, Toni-Anne, Joanne, Lisa, Angela and Maria, to name but a few.
School was great, I was always encouraged to be creative and I loved nothing more than drawing and writing stories.
For many years, even after I had left, my drawings from The Hobbit were proudly displayed on the walls of the classroom.

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Haiku Book
Fairy Tale
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Secondary School and beyond

At the age of eleven we said goodbye to the girls and off we all went to the local boys-only, secondary catholic school, St. Theodore’s. I also moved house and met two boys who lived on my street called Peter and Alexander, we are all still good friends today. I made a few more new friends at secondary school including Andrew and Jon and continued writing and drawing.
After a few years I left St. Theodore’s with G.C.S.E’s in English Language, English Literature and Art where I then decided to make a big change and do further education in another town.
So, at the age of sixteen I took the bus every morning to St. Mary’s sixth form college in Blackburn to study A Levels in Art, English Language, History of Art and Politics.
I finally completed my education by studying a degree in Architecture at Edinburgh University.
During my time at University I met lots of great new friends from all around the world and caught the big city bug.
I also spent a year working and studying as an Architect in Berlin, Germany.
From there I moved down to London and lived for five years in and around a brilliant place called Harrow.



After a while I decided to move again, this time to a completely different country, so I packed my toothbrush and shipped out to Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain to become an English teacher.
Not long after arriving I started talking to a nice girl called Isabel in a lift in the building I worked in and shortly after that we got married and had a little boy called Vito.
When I first saw my little boy I decided straight away that I wanted to start writing again and that I would write children’s books, primarily for Vito to read as he grew up and also for my sister, Lois’ little boys; my super nephews Leo and George.
You’ll notice that I dedicate all my books to them.


My first book

In 2014 I wrote my first children’s story, “The Shark in the Park”.
As children, my friend Mike and I lived very close to a magical park in Burnley called Ightenhill Park.
During the Second World War the lead railings were removed to make bullets so the park is accessible twenty fours a day, even though the gates are locked at night. The park is very flat and has large grassy expanses, punctuated by copses of trees, which, on a foggy day give the appearance of floating galleons on a misty sea. Small wonder then that I used to daydream about a shark under the grass chasing me as I walked to school.

Best Children's Animal Book

Best Illustrated Children's Ebook

Best Illustrated Children's Ebook

Story Monster Approved Award

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A Bull Terrier Puppy Adventure

Pleased with the success of “The Shark in the Park” I have continued to write children’s books, including the multi award-winning Bull Terrier Puppy adventure, “Milo & Ze”, a scary Circus story, "The Travelling Circus", a children's poetry book, "The Haiku Zoo" and many more.
I try to write at least two new books every year and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.


Mark Watson 2017

St Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Primary School

Ightenhill Park Burnley

The Singing Ringing Tree in the Penine Hills overlooking Burnley

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